Our Services

Network and Computer Help for Small Business and Residential Users


Torquenet provides all software updates for Microsoft Windows and third party applications.   The updates are identified and installed via subscription services, messages board, and vendor notifications.   Additionally, we install/apply hardware driver updates provided by the computer manufacturer.   Keeping the computer and all its components up-to-date goes a long way in keeping the computer ready for your business needs.

Computers on support means the users of that computer can call with questions at any time without additional charges.  We help users resolve challenges and train them how to obtain their objective.   We also consult on required upgrades (when necessary).


Dynamic Name Server is like the phone book of the internet.   Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does provide a DNS; however, your ISP does not perform any filtering or security based on internet requests. By using our DNS filtering, we prevent networked equipment (e.g., computers) from making requests from known bad sites.  A bad site could be a known virus related site or a site that would violate business rules and open the business to legal action. By default, we block requests to Virus, Malware, Adult Content, and pirated software among others.  The filtering works at a network level and protects from accidental “clicking” ransomware and also protects employees “personal” surfing on the business network.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a computer network appliance designed specifically for file storage.   While on support, we make sure the devices stay up-to-date on firmware patches, monitor the health of the device and the hard drives.   While on support, we also receive reports from the NAS Anti-Virus capability to remedy anything found during a scan.

When more than one NAS is on support, we monitor the backup status from the primary to the backup NAS.


All computers need some version of anti-virus We use a centrally managed anti-virus that notifies us when something is detected. Notifications facilitate a timely response where Torquenet will take care of the infection. Additionally we go beyond the initial clean-up to find out how and why the infection occurred.

Our experts can put their combined experience of 40+ years managing, administrating, and protecting US government and US Air Force networks and computer systems to work for you. We love what we do… from leading work centers that support over 3,000 computers to testing multi-million dollar Department of Defense cyber acquisitions to resolving small office network and stand-alone computer issues.

Preventing problems before they happen is the key to a reliable and efficient system.