Network and Computer Help for Small Business and Residential Users

It's all about the data...

Your computer, tablet and smart phone are all tools to access your data.  Which one you use depends on the way you work and think.  Over time you will replace your devices, you will upgrade your software, and you will change how you access your data. However you will always need access to your data.

We help small businesses, home based businesses and residential clients with their technology to access, manage, and protect their data.


From data recovery to purging, we can help you retrieve or wipe your storage devices, including legacy floppy, ZIP, and LS-120 drives. We can help expand and modernize your system capabilities and help protect and back-up your data.


We’ll begin with an in depth analysis and diagnostic evaluation of your systems. Our services include correcting any current issues you might be experiencing, bringing your operating system software up-to-date, installing and updating virus protection, and eliminating security vulnerabilities.


We can help you keep your data and network secure, building centralized and off-site storage solutions, and working with you to evaluate your network configuration for vulnerabilities.


From router configuration to web content filtering to on-call tech support, we can provide many other services related to computer and network configuration.

Our experts can put their combined experience of 40+ years managing, administrating, and protecting US government and US Air Force networks and computer systems to work for you. We love what we do… from leading work centers that support over 3,000 computers to testing multi-million dollar Department of Defense cyber acquisitions to resolving small office network and stand-alone computer issues.

Preventing problems before they happen is the key to a reliable and efficient system.